» » Antique furniture for Antiques ping? allow love guide your

Antique furniture for Antiques ping? allow love guide your

ping for antiques is for me first and most advantageous a unadorned love affair. and as with any love affair it isn't approached with an ytical or al detachment but with emotion even p ion. the patina created on an 18th-century georgian chest lovingly waxed over 200 years the endearing imperfections that display the playstation and bruises of existence can stir the simply the suitable share & depth of color on a unadorned gaudy welch teapot are enough quicken the pulse result in beads of sweat at the fore & even cause a unadorned t be shed. i am not kidding you: those are the emotions i revel in within the presence of sure antiques.

i never know which ones will evoke this reaction but if it happens my wife can inform from my remote gaze that i've fallen in love another time. place may have be made in our little bungalow. budgets will have be readjusted. however this is love in spite of everything.

furniture , decorating guides , accessories , antiques. if overing aged treasures is your p ion you're not by myself. find a kindred spirit & his ping for s here.