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ever when you consider that writing a few $7 million dollhouse and seeing customers add their own super-tiny homes i ve been kind of thinking about people who deal in all issues miniature. filmmaker mika johnson shares this curiosity. he ine the inventive director of art observe a component nonprofit phase for-profit manufacturing company that makes 4-minute films about attention-grabbing characters in north ohio for a series called the amerikans. his latest installment led "who ation there " is about of dawn reese a dollhouse and miniature enthusiast who owns a known as dolls and minis which caters people with a unadorned similar interest.

what wonder some is that her customers are rarely youngsters. nearly all of the 20 000 tiny pieces present in her are for ine. the ation miniature parti nts range in age from 21 92. a few researchers says a proclivity for dollhouses is about nostalgia; others say it ine approximately keep an on.

however one factor s for sure: little by little it ine simple get caught up within the small-world details. "someone who does this knows it is very very addictive " reese says. "they begin taking a look at everything in the actual world see if it may be used within the tiny world. " take a look at the and then extra about reese and miniature homes: dolls and minis.

johnson found reese after randomly strolling into her ohio proven here. earlier subjects in his short motion pictures include an electrician who administers bee stings at evening people come area looking for quite a few illnesses; unadorned house director; & christian mystic paints together with beard jackson pollock style. the purpose of these s says is attention-grabbing characters everyone' ine community. "those persons are more interesting than folks that tend end up our media " says.

graphics doors most don't know approximately. " Furniture. fun. a 4-minute holds the magnifying gl up a dollhouse collector smitten with all issues small.