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Kitchen sink base cabinets Keeping cabinet colour on the down low

my family member jeffrey simply moved into a unadorned c ing 500-square-foot cottage in seattle. it used to be constructed in the 1920s & is just one of eight little craftsman homes tucked onto a unadorned single lot within the city 's capitol hill neighborhood. even supposing the cottage used to be modernized years ago the kitchen still retains its "vintage personality. " in other words it is small & does not have a lot of storage or counter e.

jeffrey replaced the countertop and backsplash and used to be rous about painting the cabinets next. originally he deliberate paint each the upper and decrease cupboards grey-blue. however in the sort of small kitchen i umed wouldn't it be better paint just the lower cupboards anchor the e and go away the upper cabinets white match the walls so the e feels airier & less constricted? i searched round for examples of where simply the bottom cupboards are painted a colour. i think the consequences are contemporary the color provides character & the pale uppers make the feel more ious.

see when you agree. kitchen cabinets , colorful kitchens , decorating projects. give just base cupboards a colourful coat for a kitchen sporting personality & a unadorned ious look.