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Stork craft changing table Meet the quick-amendment artists of inte l gn

my sons have an ongoing and insatiable fascination with the swiss & all of its mysterious doodads & thingamajigs. so i it incongruous that they roll their eyes & groan each time i wax eloquent about my favourite types of furnishing: those amazing multifunctional stools benches and ottomans. my love affair with stools started many years ago while i used to be rummaging in an elegant antiques & interiors in seattle. there it was standing forlorn and lonely in a darkish nook piled high with ows and doilies.

of indeterminate age & moderately moth eaten this stool used to be rickety & well worn. but the top was upholstered in a phenomenal chocolate-coloured needlepoint sprinkled with cabbage roses & its carved and turned legs have been dainty and lovely. it referred to as me. after a unadorned lengthy ering session with the ' ation proprietor i brought it home.

that little stool has become a part of our family historical past. just like the versatile swiss it has served in some ways: as a unadorned small coffee table an ottoman the favourite seat for my twin granddaughters an aspect desk for ine and a unadorned teacup and an anchor underneath a large oil portray. you name the serve as it fortuitously obliges. believe those concepts for putting a unadorned stool bench or ottoman or all three work in your home.

furniture , decorating guides. are you lacking an ideal little stool ottoman or bench? simply have a look at the ways they may be able to adapt what you want now.